Oh, That 1968 Shelby!

Nasty phonesex Baby girl was at school today, and I decided to go for a solo walk. I didn’t make it far before cars were pulling off the road to offer me a lift. I declined many cars, but one really caught my interest. He was hot, but his car had me. 1968 Shelby GT 500 in the most beautiful pristine blue I have ever seen. I climbed right in with him. He took me about another 5 miles before pulling off on a deserted road. He pulled me over his lap so that I was straddling him, my ass sitting basically in the bottom of the steering wheel. His hand found my panties and pushed them aside. His cock found its way into my pussy, and I pushed forward until he was buried completely inside of me. He had some serious muscle, because that man was thrusting up inside of me so hard that it bounced me. I came SO hard, and he exploded in me almost immediately after I started cumming. Yes, today was a definite win, lol.

Trashy milf

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