BBC sex stories of Mommy and daughter tag teams

BBC sex stories

BBC sex stories with my daddy Randy’s big brown cock always turn me on. Having a little blonde stepdaughter take on his cock gets this step mommy very hot and bothered. I knew my daughter was making some race-play porn videos for her new gig. I answer my door to a hunky tall brown man.

He said he was looking for my sister. I laughed and said that I thought he was looking for Miss Thang, my stepdaughter. Turns out Randy is the Black cock that has taken the lead in this BBC porn flick that my stepdaughter has been doing. He grabbed my face and told me that I had BBC Dick sucking lips. 

As I called out to my daughter her face was flush with excitement. And those pants of his are not concealing his huge weapon of mass ass destruction.  I need that black cock in all my fuck holes! 

Mommy and daughter tag team BBC for hot Race play threesome

So this is the reason she had come home walking funny! Mommy does want a taste of His black dick. I am quick to make sure he knows I am a Big dick sucker! I have no qualms about tag teaming a nice meat pole of the brown variety. Soon, my bimbo daughter and I are on our knees gobbling up all that chocolate. And when that huge bowl of dope gets passed around Things get even hotter. Face first into the blow bowl I Go! My  slutty daughter expertly dips the head of OUR new GODs Dick in the coke. 

The next thing I know, My husband calls right as I am getting my pink puckered ass explored by Daddy Randy! He takes the phone and tells my hubby that we are his sexy white cracker whores now! We are BBC phone sex whores that belong to Daddy Randy now! 

BBC sex stories of Mommy and daughter tag teams

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