BBC Sex Stories: Like Father, Like Son

bbc sex storiesI have a lot of BBC sex stories because black men love a MILF tramp like me. There is this one black trucker I fuck. His name is Big D. I thought it was for Big Dick because he has 14 inches. Turns out it’s because his name is Daryl and he drives a really big ass truck. Well, he is Big D to me because his cock is huge. Pure anaconda meat between his legs. We have been fucking for years. He is my favorite fuck besides my son. He doesn’t pay to fuck me, but he always gives me a little bag of powder to party with in exchange for some hardcore fucking. I can take his mamba snake in my ass and pussy. Balls deep in my mouth too. It always amazes him that a skinny old white bitch can handle such a thick big dick.  It is because I am a whore. A dirty old whore who loves big black dicks. Well the other day he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. He has a son who has no game with the ladies. Still a school boy but a virgin. Hard to believe a young hung black boy in this day and age is still a virgin. I would have thought his teachers were all over that dick by now. When they arrived at my trailer I was happy. Big D’s barely teen boy was handsome. I instructed him to show me his cock. It was an anaconda too. Thank god I am a big dick sucker. I was more like a sword swallower that day. Poor boy had never had a mouth on his dick. He spooged all on my face. I was wearing his nut sauce like a facial mask. I fucked his daddy until his dick came back to life, then Big D Jr. got his daddy’s sloppy seconds. Two big black cocks in one afternoon plus a father and son combo plus some party favors in exchange for fucking plus a very young boy. I had a bunch of taboo fucks in one day.

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