BBC sex stories from my teen years!

BBC sex storiesBoy, does this Harlot have some BBC sex stories from my teen years! He would become My New daddy, Making me Dora The whore-a BBC Explorer! Turns out Daddy and Mommy Owed the local dealer a large amount of cash, and sent this black cock having daddy to collect. He would get my young ass instead of cash, But I was young enough it was a fair deal!

Soon I would be face down in a bowl of cocaine dressed in my moms negligee, stockings and heels for him! I was so scared when a fine black man busted in the door while I was home alone one night. He told me that I was his property now and to refer to him as daddy. I was scared but damn was he fine and had that booger sugar I so loved!
Mommy was still working her corner and my baby sister was next door at her friend’s house.
There was no escaping the fact that my trusted guardians had sold me. Trusted is a strong word for the Pimp and Whore I share my DNA with. No less faced with being a teen anal whore was a shock. I would overcome quickly thanks to the nose candy and black cock training daddy gave me that night. I had to make my parents dough back, but he wanted to make me his bottom bitch and instill a few whore rules first.   

  BBC sex stories and teen whores! 

No pussy fucking expect for this anaconda daddy has is rule number one!  Daddy spent that night fucking my mouth, pussy and asshole to give my little ass a test run. The Spanish fly was shoved down my throat with the aid of his big fat black dick. Turning me into a super horny fuck doll. Putting coke in his pee hole and licking it out before I popped that dick out of my mouth was super hot! And guess what? That first night with my BBC daddy was his birthday! His gift was not only me, but my little sister who would be his teen sluts fucking for money for now on!

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