Ass Destruction Lover!

Anal Sex Whore

Ass torture is my favorite, I love having my asshole torn by two hard Big Black Dicks at the same time! I sometimes stay late at work cleaning up and closing the strip club just so I can walk to my car alone. Occasionally I see a couple of black guys lingering in the parking lot selling drugs to the girls who just got off, when I walk to my car I make sure to look vulnerable in my skimpiest clothes and highest heels. I see two guys walking close to my car and give them the signal to get in by rolling down my windows. They come get in the passenger seat and back seat but I know they are hard and waiting to get off with me. I jump into the back seat straddling the lap of the second sexy black man, he grips my waist and pushes my pussy down on his cock letting me soak him. He has no Idea that my hope for the night is that he and his friend stuff my ass with both of their cocks at the same fucking time!

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