Anal cum dumpster with Cindy

Anal cum dumpster

Last night I went to a party at my cousins house. We don’t really get along but I was just itching for some fresh cock. I got there and everyone was just sitting around. Being the nasty slut that I am, I decided to mingle! I ended up finding this group of guys standing in the corner, I approached them. They were all exactly my type of men. How was I ever going to choose which one I wanted! We all four went into her basement and even though there was a couple other guys down there already, I didn’t care, the more the merrier. Right?  ==giggles==  As the first guy pulled my leggings down to my knees to get a good look at my wet pussy. The second guy pulled out his rock hard cock and shoved it in my mouth! It was so big it was choking me! One guy started shoving three fingers into my tantalizing cum dumpster the third was fingering my ass. I loved it! ==giggles==  As they all moved into position I could feel my pussy getting soaking wet, it was pulsating in anticipation! The first guy kept shoving his huge cock all the way into the back of my throat and wouldn’t let me breath! I was gagging so much, but of course I loved every thrust he gave to me. I was so enjoying that as the second guy was ramming my soaking wet pussy with his massive prick. It was filling me up! Then the third guy was shoving his cock into my tight ass. It hurt so bad it brought tears to my eyes. mmhmm just the way I like it every hole filled up at once! Oh and lets not forget that I also had a swarm of men watching me and stroking their cocks at the same time! I was the center of attention! It  felt so good!  ==giggles==  I was pounded for hours it felt like. all three holes filled up with cum over and over again. Guys pumping their cum all over my body as they watched. My whole body was covered in cum. It was one hell of a night and I can’t wait for the next party I go to!

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