Poolside Cum Guzzle

Sloppy Wet Pussy

I realized that I was a cum guzzling slut when I went to my friends birthday party. Her parent’s weren’t home and she threw a huge party, most of the party goers were men of course. So, I’m just casually laying next to the pool in nothing but my bikini bottoms, staring up at the stars. The pool lights glowed and shimmered as people skinny dipped in the huge pool. This really sexy guy swam towards me on the edge and asked If I was feeling a little frisky. Which, I’m always in the mood for whatever casual sex I can have with anyone. Back to the story though…So I find myself which his cock shoved deep down my throat while hes standing in the pool, and my head is slightly tilted towards the water surface over the edge. It was so fucking sexy! His hands were roaming down my body, Sinking beneath my bikini bottoms to finger at the little hard bean between my pussy lips. He busted the biggest nut he could give me all down my throat, and slid out to spray it all over my face! I held my eyes open, and my tongue out to catch every last drop! That hot cum tasted so fucking good on my tongue!

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