Anal cum dumpster wide open for dumping

Anal cum dumpster

Have you ever wondered how many loads does an Anal cum dumpster take to be known as an anal “cum dumpster”. Well, to be honest it’s a lot. Creampie cum sluts don’t get that label easily. Clearly a gal like me has daddy issues that started from daddy. He loved to leave thick creamy loads in my ass because he said I couldn’t get pregnant that way and if someone so young got pregnant it would raise suspicion. But he never had to worry about me. I was in love with the thrilling feeling that parts your tight ass wider just milliseconds before the cock begins to spew thick jizz from itself. Ever since the first load he left inside my ass, I lay there knowing my first deflowering was in my ass and how special that way. Sliding my fingers in an out of my tight ass, feeling the soreness of my tight young asshole torn open for Daddy’s pleasure gave me an indescribable joy. All I thought was “more nut butter please”. 

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