Anal Cum Dumpster Pretty Girls

anal cum dumpster

When I started the White Trash Twerk Team I did not think that it would go off so well.Inmates leaving the penn and guys celebrating their divorces were blowing up out phones. Then it started with rich white boys who wanted to spend their mommy and daddy’s money with some super dirty bitches that would do whatever they wanted for a quick buck. We got invited to some sort of costume party where we were ordered to dress as a certain barn yard friend since we were to be ridden by our steeds. Whatever, cause I am sure they were on a steed level. Haha, no. Anyway I started browsing the market for some sexy galloping friend consumes which sounds easier than it is. Then I saw it in all its beauty and ordered one in every pretty color.

creampie slut When it got there I was really stoked and could not wait till it was time to show there girls. We all gathered the day to get dresses and I handed one to each girl, along with a matching set of ears and some wings. The three of them looked at it puzzled and then one of the girls shouted out, “Am I posed to put dis in my ass?”

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I smiled and nodded. Everyone was game; they loved cocks in their asses, so to have a tail for the night was not a problem at all. And when we showed up to the party our clients were stoked with how hot and wranchy we were.

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We danced and preformed for them all night. When it was time to remove our clothes one of the guys asked us to leave our bottoms on since the barnyard friend thing was so hot. To their surprise we removed our bottoms leaving our tails plugged into out asses. We licked and sucked on each other’s nipples and began to eat at each other’s pussies. We even all laid down and in a circle ate each other’s pussies. The guys had so much fun making us their cream pie sluts and cum dumpsters for the night. They said we were some super dirty bitches as they made us lick our tails clean before shoving them back into us. I didn’t care though, cause we made bank!

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