Stripper Bitch

Nasty Phone SexEverything was going great at the club until the boss hired this new bitch. For some reason, soon after she started, all us girls started losing our high paying regulars.

We still had he nickel and dimers come in but our bread and butter guys were vanishing faster than a std on antibiotics!

So we new one of our big spenders was coming in tonight and we waited and watched to see exactly what was going on. As soon as the new twat saw the money he was throwing around, she went right up to him and started doing a lap dance. The second she finished he left! Just like that!

So us girls pulled her to the back and asked her what the hell was going on. Of course she played stupid, so after work, we followed her back to her trailer to see for our selves. Sure enough, there he was and she started fucking the hell out him. He gave her a wad of cash, smacked her ass and left.

It looks like that little cunt needs to be taught a thing or two about how you treat your sister strippers!

We busted in her door and through her ass down on the ground! We were going to tear open every one of her used up fuck holes!

Fisting WhoreWe held her down and started fisting he sloppy wet cunt but she actually seemed to be enjoying it! So then we slammed it up her ass and she let out a loud scream! Oh yeah! That’s right! This little trailer trash whore was going to pay for stealing our men!

She is not even going to be able to walk, let alone dance around that big pole! We each took a turn slamming our fist on her ass and two in her gaping snatch! I held her nose and forced her mouth open so she could eat her own junk off our fingers. She tried to bite but the girls just pushed harder!

By the time we finished, she just laid there crying on the floor, her holes so stretched out, you could putt golf balls into them and never touch the sides!

That oughta teach her!

She never did come back to the club. But rumor is, you can hear her flapping and clapping when she walks down the street!

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