I love it messy!

creampie sex storiesI have another goal other than being constantly shit on, and this one gets a little…messy. I don’t mind admitting that cum is one of my most desired fetishes and once I learned that I could get as much cum as I wanted just by being that perfect little cum slut, I was in heaven. I have the best creampie sex stories! I will never forget my first time I got a real taste for cum…it wasn’t hard to convince my school’s football team hehe. They were all for giving me all the cum I wanted and thought they would have some fun with it while they were at it. They actually thought I would back away from my precious desire to be covered from head to toe in as much delicious hot cum that they could squirt all over my tight body. But they were wrong; I loved feeling all that assorted cum sliding down my face into my eyes and sticking to my hair. I loved rubbing it into my horny tits and making my pussy even more wet from their sticky cum. I was so turned on, but of course I wanted more! I didn’t just want to be covered in it, I wanted to taste it…eat it even. What kind of cum slut would I be if I didn’t wanna swallow every drop of that tasty cum I could get my horny hands and mouth on?! So I suppose I surprised them all when I opened my mouth wide, tongue sticking out, begging them to let me taste their cum. Oh, but no worries, they weren’t so surprised that they weren’t able to deliver me the most scrumptious snack of all…mmm. I seriously could eat that shit all day, feel it running down the back of my throat slowly, filling my mouth full of my favorite white drink. I think they finally realized I was serious about being a little cum slut as they watched me lick up every drop of cum that wasn’t lathered into my body.

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