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I encountered this young man and he was so enamored by my sexiness and the fact I had a big dick. I am bigger than the average white male and that’s a turn on for many. A chick with a nice cock, that passes as feminine more than some biological women. I am always luring in straight men that never desired cock. Well so they say. This loverboi I brought home after a night out and clubbing. We were wasted. He sucked me off and I wouldn’t let him cum.

It was time for my shift and I had taken calls while he was still passed out. Well I thought he was passed out. He was listening in and stroking. He wanted me to destroy that pussy of his by the time I was finished. He told me he had never thought listening to a t-girl having phone sex would be so hot. He wanted me more than ever.

Anal Cum Dumpster

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