Anal Cum Dumpster At Old Folk’s Home

I went to visit my grammy at the old folk’s home. There I couldn’t help but flirt with her caretaker.

Anal cum dumpster

I am a trailer trash whore so any opportunity I get to get some dick is fine with me. When we spoke, he talked about partying and right away he got my full attention. I told Nana I would be back in a bit and her caretaker, and I went to an empty room. He made a few lines and right away we were snorting on some party powder. I felt the rush through my body meet right in between my legs. Being a druggy whore is so fun I will get high and then all i want is to get pounded. He could tell what type of slut I am and took advantage of it by pulling his big cock out and making me suck it. I don’t mind, I’ll do anything to get high. He started playing with my asshole while I sucked his cock. I knew he wanted to fuck my ass when he rubbed some blow on it. He bent me over the bed and shoved his cock in my ass while I did a line. The drugs running through my body made me fuck his cock with my ass hard. I became an Anal cum dumpster and he filled me up. We did a few more lines as his nut dripped out of me.

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