Birth Of A Cum Guzzler

Cum guzzling slut


I was a cum guzzling slut long before I ever started charging guys for the privilege of pushing their prick deep into my throat.  I won’t tell you how old I was the first time I ever had to swallow a juicy load of jizz, but I will tell you that I had to do it while I was in the middle of watching Saturday morning cartoons.  

My brothers and I used to crowd around our big old console TV every Saturday and enjoy our favorite animated shows when we were young.  Ate some cereal, wrestled around, just little shits doing what little shits do.  One morning, my oldest brother was acting a little different than usual.  He was distant and not as involved in the typical grabassery as he usually was.

He just kind of watched from the couch as my other brothers and I played out our favorite scenes and bounced around the room.  I jumped up and landed on the cushion next to him, he said “Time for the Hanna-Barbera Handy Blowy Hour.” and grabbed me by my thin little wrist.  He pushed my hand onto his boy bone and told me to “rub it.”  I didn’t know anything, I thought he just wanted me to rub him for a minute to be nice.  After a minute though, I realized that what I was doing to him made him feel really good.  Until then, I just thought peckers were used for pissing.  That was the last time I ever had that thought.

My two other brothers came over to see what their older siblings were doing.  When they got near he told them “you boneheads do it, too” then pulled out his throbbing little prick to get some skin to skin contact.  They knew that it feels good when you touch it so they were hip to what big brother was doing.  They didn’t care, they each grabbed some cock and/or balls and started caressing.  

He looked at me with a dead look in his eyes and said “Stand up, Caroline.”  I did as I was told and he immediately jerked me over to his face, pulled down my pink cotton panties and started licking my bald little girl beaver.  That was the first time my tiny puss had ever been touched like that, and after maybe twenty seconds of his tongue thrashing away at my little clit and mini slit, I grabbed his head tightly and had my very first orgasm all over my brother’s mouth. 

He was ready to blow so he pushed my head down to his dick and said “Now suck it like a popsicle!”  I opened my mouth and he jammed his little rod inside and, after only a few pumps, he blew his little boy load all over my tonsils.  Of course, I gagged and wretched and threw up my Fruit Loops, but even then, I didn’t hate it.

Now I could swallow globs of ball goo in my sleep.  My big brother died when we were teenagers, but I wonder if, wherever he is now, he knows that he taught me a valuable skill that’s earned me tons of money.  That’s a comforting thought to a dirty old cum dumpster. 


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