Anal Cum Dumpster and Proud of It

anal cum dumpsterI’m such an anal cum dumpster. I love it in the ass. As an old whore, my pussy has seen a lot of action in between fucking daily for almost 40 years and  birthing some brats. It’s not exactly a tight snatch. My ass, however, can take a good hard fucking and still feel like a vice grip on your dick. The young boys in my neighborhood love ass fucking too. I think it is because so much porn on the Internet these days highlights ass fucking. Anything that brings the boys to my yard, I am all about. So this morning,  after I showered and had my cup of coffee, I did a line and got on my couch to show off my hot ass. I let all the boys and men going to the bus stop bright and early see that  I am an anal sex whore.  I took a beer bottle from the night before and fucked my ass for them. Would you believe that a beer bottle in my ass made all the boys come to my yard? Made them all cum in my ass too. They lined up to fuck this anal cougar. They didn’t care about being late to work or school. They just wanted to be a part of the anal gang bang. Young boys have cocks perfect for a good ass fucking too. Hard as a rock and not too big yet. Limp dicks or cocks at half mast don’t stay in a chick’s ass. But a teen boy’s cock? Now that is a cock that can fuck me all day long. I lost count of how many dicks I got this morning, but it was at least 20. I passed out in a pool of cum, woke up just in time to catch them on their way home. I’m ready for round two.

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