Cum dumpster spitrod

Cum dumpster

Just relaxing at home, and there is a knock at my door. It was my friend John and someone else I didn’t know. Inviting them in, I asked what’s up. They wanted to know if I was in the mood for some fun. Oh hell yes I was, both these guys looked like they could fuck me into another world.
We wasted no time with getting each other naked, and touching everything as we went. Their hands were on my tits, my panties slid off my ass, fingers gliding across my clit. As soon as they were both naked, I grabbed both of their cocks and went back and forth putting each in my mouth, looking up to make sure they were watching me and each other get blown. Their cocks were hard instantly! I was in heaven, and then they looked at each other and said lets spitrod her. So John picked me up and laid me across an ottoman. He spread my long legs and slid right into me. I let out a big moan, it felt so good! His friend started to throat fuck me with his big cock. They would switch places now and then and were determined to get me to cum 10 times. They definitely were getting there fast. I couldn’t believe how hot it was with a guy in my mouth and a guy in my pussy both fucking away. I lost track of how many times I had cum, but the guys were getting close. I told them to each cum in my mouth and pussy. So I was a spitrod full of cum.
I came 11 times John told me, and that was in just the few hours they were here. So hot, fulfilling and satisfying.

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