Anal cum dumpster

anal cum dumpster

My holes are sloppy wet! I have been getting them pumped and full of cum non stop. I have been wearing underwear in hope that it will saturate the cum dripping out of me. It is still flowing down my thighs and making me sticky wet. Every time my legs shuffle more and more comes out of me.

I have a guy over right now that wants to make me his anal cum dumpster, I may have some help in that case that will squeeze the cum out of my ass the more and more he thrust in and out. He is the plumber that I have over all the time. He isn’t doing the normal plumbing job of sinks and toilets and pipes.

Instead he is flushing my holes that are stopped up with his cock and cum. He is very good at what he does. He shoves his bare dick in me and all of the other men’s cum in me squeezes right out of my fuck holes. I am bent over my living room ataman.

His cock is getting soaked full of cum. He finally pulls out and goes over to my face. He bust right in my face and assures me that the job is done and that my leaky holes are fixed. Thank you mr. handy man.

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