Adding to My Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireWhen you have young hookers for hire living with you, you never have to worry about money. Not even during a pandemic. My husband is still working. My dirty talk line is hopping, but the real money comes from our young cunts. My husband has a client who likes virgins. We are fresh out of those, but I have met some young girls on quarantine that I have been grooming for this very moment. I knew this day would come. A good madam is always grooming and introducing new young whores to the profitable world of prostitution. This little girl comes from poverty. She is being raised by a single mom who is unemployed now. She has several siblings and welfare does not afford her the finer things. I presented her with a profitable opportunity that had to remain a secret. When I told her how much money she could make, she did not think long on what I proposed. Last night was her first night as one of my sexy prostitutes. Daddy’s client has an average cock. It still hurts a girl her age and size, but she was a trooper. This guy loves looking at his cock dipped in cherry sauce. Her little pussy looked like she had her first period. It was coated in blood. She was sore, but I know how to soothe battered tiny fuck holes. After daddy’s client left, I took a bubble bath with her. I cleaned up her popped cherry. I let her soak her sore pussy before I carried her to my bed to lick her bald swollen mound. I arranged for her to spend the night. Her mom thinks she is friends with my adopted daughter. They are now. They share the bond of losing their virginity to the same man. She has even younger sisters too. I am going to help this family out of poverty with the oldest profession in the world.

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