A VERY Dirty Winter Solstice

dirty phone sex (5)

Most people are getting real fucking witchy and mean on the winter solstice which is today, but I take it as a sign to get down and dirty with the boys. Most girls are too prissy and girly, but not me! I am waiting for all my friends, especially those with big black thick cocks for me to fuck and suck off. Their full of cum for me and who knows what else more they will use to get me nice and fucking dirty tonight! Oh yeah I could be hinting that I wouldn’t say no to a nice warm golden shower, I’m already covered in loads and loads of cum from getting my holes fucked harder and harder than before, by being fucked like a total fucking whore. I love it, love getting fucked like this and what better place than under the winter moon, the feeling of those balls slapping against my ass and fucking me deeper and deeper till I feel their dick straight to my throat…or is that the cock in my mouth? I don’t know but they’re about to blow a fat load soon!

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