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pissing phone sexUnfortunately I have to be careful what I say on tumblr. Those people on there can get so easily offended by a scat and piss lover like myself. You want my shit all over you, you better fucking tell me all about the dirty boy you are! You want my shit, you gotta work for it. If you’re really lucky, I’ll let you fuck me in the ass, I’ll shit a good one for you then, I’ll suck that fucking shit-covered cock of yours. Yes I am a dirty girl too, but I don’t put up with a man who denies his love for shit… so tell me, scream to me how much you love it, let me laugh at you as I shit all over your chest and rub it all in… oh I know you like that so fucking much, your dick has never been harder. What’s that? You love it? You want more? You are such a nasty boy! And I sure do have more for you…mmm.

pissing sex

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