A Little Truck Fuck

Druggy Phone Sex
I brought my youngest along for this truck cab call, and she was trembling in her little virgin heels. Such a slut, my sweet girl. Dressed in tiny spandex shorts and a tiny crop top. I even did her make up to look like a little pageant whore. I knew what this nasty sicko pervert liked, and so I picked out the cream of my cunt’s crop and brought her to be a slut for him.

She was terrified, crying and begging me not to. But, I tossed her ass up in that truck and slammed the door behind me. We smoked out the cab quick so she would calm down, and before long her little tongue was damn near lolling from her mouth. He set her up on the dash and ate her pussy so good she fell back against the windshield. He said it was the best little dessert he’d ever had.

And then, he stood up as she was cumming hard and slammed his cock inside her virgin cunt. Oops! She screamed out, but I know that sweet smoke eased her down. Mommies keep the littles calm so that PDaddy pricks can fuck their pretty little bald cunts.
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