A Home of Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireHookers for hire are not what they once were. You rarely see street corner hookers anymore. Most pros do not even need a pimp anymore. Modern technology has removed the need for the middleman. Now, my husband and I are a team. He looks like a pimp if you were on the outside looking in, but he is just the connections guy. He is more than that though. He does all the money transactions. I get the girls ready, and I escort them to their gigs. I train them to be good hoes. My husband is not an old school pimp though. We are not violent with our Lolita sexy prostitutes. We are not greedy either. They get to keep more than half of their hard-earned money. Our sluts are well cared for and treated like princesses at home. Spoiled girls, but not spoiled in a bad way. We have not a single brat. Not a single unappreciative girl either. They love taking care of older men and they love pleasing daddy and I with high paying Johns. Last night, we had a family affair. One man paid for all my girls and me for an entire night. More money than we usually make in a week, and it was just to play house with a pay for play Daddy. It was not a stretch for me to play the trashy milf wife who encourages daddy to fuck each of his daughters. Most Johns wish they really had a wife like me. Sometimes, I wish more women were like me, but then I realize that if there were, there would be no need for our services. We make bank off our home brothel because most women would send their husbands to jail if they knew what they were thinking. We give men the daddy experience they cannot get at home.

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