What Would You Do?

dirty phone sexYou think I don’t know but I do. I watch as you look through your window watching as I undress at night. Watching as your hand grabs your cock and starts stroking. Do you think I don’t know you are jacking off to my perfect pussy and big tits? Oh, I know babe, and I love it, actually it gets my pussy so wet. Tonight, I have a special treat for you. I wait for the darkness to appear and open my blinds. I see you pacing back and forth just waiting for my bedroom light to come on. But tonight, I have a surprise.

I have pulled my chair to the middle of my room and charged up all my toys. My pussy is wet in anticipation and my nipples hard from the ceiling fan breeze. I pull my blinds up and turn on my light. You practically run to the window. You struggle as you look and then you see me. Sitting on my chair with my legs spread, completely naked looking back at you. I pull my tit to my mouth and start sucking on my nipple. You reach in your pants and clearly are jerking. I reach for my dildo and deep throat it slowly. I pull it out and start pushing it inside my juicy wet cunt. Then I motion for you to come over and turn the lights off. What do you do? Do you come to my house? What would you do babe?

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