A Goddess And A Sissy Walk Into A Bar

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I couldn’t believe my eyes. Right into my strip club walk Goddess Levi and her sissy. Sissy must have done something really bad to deserve a public ridicule in front of all these hot and horny cocks – I mean men. She is not dressed her her frilly pink this time, just a simple black dress and heels. Her hair and make-up are fixed really nice. Sissy can almost pass as female. An ugly female, but still a female. She isn’t drawing too much attention at first, but when she turns I notice the sign Goddess Levi has taped to Sissy’s back.


Oh boy is she asking for it!

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Levi tells me that she and Sissy had been out shopping all day and she just HAD to have this dress. Levi agreed to buy, but in return Sissy would come prance around my bar attracting all sorts of attention. Sissy was all for this and it really wasn’t a punishment. She loved being outed as a sissy to men with nice hard cocks. She was fascinated with all the eye candy that was in my club. Between girl’s dance sets, Levi instructed Sissy to get up on stage with her. I could have stopped it. I probably should have stopped it, but I was too fascinated with what was going on, and wanted to see just how far this would go.

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Levi takes the mike and tells sissy to say the lines they had rehearsed. Sissy proudly announces PLEASE TEASE ME ! GIGGLE AT ME ! LAUGH AT ME ! OUT ME, HUMILIATE ME & PUNISH ME AS I DESERVE !  Honestly there was no shame to this Sissy. Until the men and the dancers in the club started doing just as she asked. They started laughing and pointing and calling her a faggot fairy and all sorts of names. She became a little crybaby faggot. Thankfully, Levi did not have her strip on stage, which is what I was worried about. After all, this is a strip club. Can you imagine how humiliating it would have been for Sissy if Levi had shown everyone that pathetic teeny weenie and dingleballs?

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