Spring Break fun at the Trashy Truckstop

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I got stuck working the night shift for Spring Break. That’s just fucking great cause all of the drunk youngsters will be stopping by for food after the parties end. They are messy, no-tipping assholes and I hated them. As usual, I got a group of drunken frat boys who kept pinching my ass and tits. I laughed at them, trying not to kill their bratty asses. One boy in particular kept staring at me. I could hear them egging him on to make a date with me. I felt bad for him because he was obviously very shy and a virgin.

Finally I had enough of them. “One hundred bucks gets him laid right now.” I demanded. They quickly pooled their money and I took him by the hand and led him back to our “special” employee lounge. I undressed slowly as he watched. Taking his hand I placed it on his my tits. “Show me your cock.” I purred. It was a small, thin cock. I stifled a giggle and put it in my mouth. It took all of 20 seconds for him to blow his load. He began to sob. I felt so bad for him. He was obviously a sissy. “Don’t worry, sweetie. I’ll take care of it.” I bent over and had him rub his cock against me. I moaned so loud that everyone in the restaurant could hear me. We giggled together as he strutted back to the table. His friends were all slapping his back and shouting his praises. I winked at him.

As for me, I was so fucking horny that I grabbed a trucker and pulled him to the back room for a good hard fuck by a real cock.  My soaking pussy made me realize that sissy training was something in my near future. I’m sure my college boy will be back and I’ll have a big black strap-on waiting for that ass. I can barely wait!!! Never a dull moment at the trashy truckstop.

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