2 Druggy Girls For You.

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It is always fun when I find another druggy whore to play with for you. Audrey and I were doing line after lines of sweet blow and I convinced her to come meet you. You were very happy that she was sexy as hell and loved blow as much as us. You laid out a thick rail for each of us to get our pussy juices flowing.

I turned to Audrey and slipped off her shirt and skirt and began kissing her and playing with her pussy. We were giving you a nice show. You bent me over and started playing with my ass and told me to lick her sweet pussy while you fingered my ass. I was moaning into her pussy when you shoved your fingers in my face and told me to clean them. I was so high and being the trashy druggy slut, I am I did as I was told.

You got real dominate and commanded we take more blow off your cock. We were slurping and sucking making you ready to lose your load. You pushed me back and told Audrey to start finger fucking me as you spread sweet white snow blow on her rosebud asshole. As you entered her you wanted more fingers inside me. Audrey and I were moaning so good for you. I knew you were going to shoot your jizz in her ass soon, you yelled for her to fist my pussy. I came all over her hand and could tell Audrey was cumming with your cock in her ass.  We had so much fun with you that night. We miss your sweet voice commanding us to please you while getting high for you.

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