Fuck for the bucks

Dirty phone sex 

 Being a dirty phone sex girl is not hard when you really have kinky shit happen every night at the club. Every time I am dancing I always spot the old, wealthy men quick. I know their wallet is fat. Last night I got called for a private dance $$$$. I love getting asked. He was older much older. He told me to let him dominate and to swallow every bit of cum he has for this amount. I told him that I am a dirty little stripper. I bent over showing him my ass hole and pussy. He spanked me throwing cash, calling me derogatory names just how I like it. He made me get in several positions while he admired my fit stripper body. I got on my stripper knees and sucked away his white small cock for some cash. He offered a lot more then I would even ask for.  I am just a trailer trash anal cum dumpster so I mean hey more the better. I sucked and swallowed ever oz like he asked with no problem.

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