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Cum filled cunt fun

My cunt is begging for a beating. I tried masturbating for hours last night and I did orgasm several time, however it is just not the same as a huge fat cock pounding away at my pussy and climaxing with a huge load in my pussy. I pulled out several of my favorite toys, I rubbed my clit, I fucked myself with numerous dildos and I just could not satiate myself. I yearned for something so huge it would rip my pussy hole wide open.

Cum filled cunt

I pulled out the biggest fake cock I had and it just did not fill that void. I even rammed it into my asshole to see if that is what my body was craving.  It did not work. I eventually decided to just go to my neighbors, as he is single. I was blunt and told him I really needed a big fat dick to ride. He glady obliged and I had a nice ride ending in my cum hole cunt being satisfied and full.

Cum dumpster BBC in my Ass Hole!

Cum dumpster

How can you just sit there and talk to me when I have my ass backed up to you? I am ass naked, ready to go. My pussy is wet, Ive been finger fucking my asshole for like 10 minutes ready for you to put that big black cock inside my tight asshole. I tried letting my man fuck me and he just could not fulfill what I needed done. I do not know if it is because his cock is just too small or he is a prude, but either way I need fulfillment. SO… I went to my friend and he has the biggest BBC I have ever had before. I felt like I was being ripped in two the first time he ever fucked me. I love anal and when he fucks my pussy because I know I am always leaving, happy, fulfilled and full of come. I have even had him over to the house before to teach my girls a thing or two. Needless to say, they screamed and could not sit for a week..

Anal cum dumpster Evonne

Anal cum dumpsterIf there was ever a time I was more wet, it would have been last night. My sister and her husband were in town for a visit. They brought my niece and all three of them stayed at my place with me and my girls. While the girls were all upstairs visiting with their cousin, us grown folk had an amazing dinner and dessert was even better. My sisters husband had this idea for dessert as he whipped out his cock in front of me. Apparently they had this planned before they even got to my place. My sister and I fucked around a lot when we were younger, but we had never shared her husband. I cannot believe how fat and yummy his cock was. I can definitely see why she married him. He filled my pussy up and my ass was his personal anal cum dumpster as well. I think I might look into finding me a way to visit them more often.

Big dick sucker wants your cock

Its so hard not to see a guy with a huge cock showing through his slacks and not want to stop him in his tracks and get down on my knees, flop his massive cock out and start slobbering all over it. I see guys every time I go to the grocery store, the post office and just generally in every day life places. Me being the whore I am I just can not help it. I love sucking big cock. I love the taste of it, the feel of the flesh in my mouth, the smell of the ball sac and sweaty sex organs. It just makes me so fucking hot. It as an immediate arousal to see his flesh swell up and know that my mouth is making that happen. I know that makes me sound like a nasty whore, but that is just too bad, so drop your drawers, give me that cock and let me do what I love.

Big dick sucker

Blonde fucking Momma Evonne

I am the freaky mommy that all my girls friends want to be around. I am the hot mom you see washing the car in a bikini just for attention that other moms get jealous of. I was raised to shake what your momma gave you and I have raised my own to have the same philosophy. I do not believe in body shaming. I know I have a nice tight body for my age. I know I am hot and have nice erect nipples, and perky breasts. My ass is gorgeous and has beautiful curves, My pussy is tight, sweet and yummy. I have tight muscles and I pride myself for staying in shape, fit and firm. I know other women who have let themselves go and that is not my fault. They tend to be jealous of how i look. My only advice, go get lipo suction, have a lot of sex and work out. I love being the center of attention and feel great.


Blonde fucking

Good Girls

I am such a good mommy I tell my girls all about the birds and the bees. I show them with action how to handle and please a cock. I have since they were wee ones. I have shown them how to suck a big fat dick, how to take it to the back of the throat. How to swallow a yummy load of cum and how to squeeze and make him want you more and more. I have taught them how to open them pretty little legs and show that tight taught pink pussy begging to be deflowered. I have shown them how to spread those ass cheeks and beg for that throbbing cock to be rammed up into it with ongoing thrust passion fro ma big fat fuck stick. My girls are prepared for life, know how to pay the bills. They know that birth control is sham and should be avoid. The more the merrier anyway. Fuck them and love em is our motto.

Blonde fucking

Win Win for Me

The best part about being a mom is getting to tell the wee ones what to do and knowing they will listen or get proper punishment. Either way for me I get enjoyment. If I say I want my pussy licked and they do it I get to come, but if I say lick my cunt and they refuse, they will get the punishment of licking my cunt and my ass hole. Either way it is a win win for me.

White trash phone sex

I am doing my best to raise an army of whores to pay the bills. That is why I do not mind if the girls do not use any protection. If they get pregnant its more cunts to help pay the bills. If they end up with whatever its disability, again it is a win win for me. My slaves pay the bills and I reap the rewards. A win win all the way around for me and my hungry cunt.

I want to fuck you this time

I love having my pussy pounded really hard and getting the shit fucked out of me. But sometimes it makes me feel really powerful to put my big old fat strap on and tie it around my waist. A guy who wants me to ram my fake dick in his asshole and fuck the shit out of him while I thrust over and over. I love hearing my hips hit his ass cheeks and the groans coming out of his mouth while I fuck his tight little fudge packing butt-hole just the way he fucks my pretty pink cunt.

Cum dumpster

I think what I love more than that is when he drops to his elbows and I slam the in that final time, I make sure it is extra hard because I want to make sure I have given him the hardest fucking I can in his ass. Its a wonderful sight to see his ass in the air and my strap on cock in his asshole. I love it.

Make me do anything

I can not tell you how many times I have been used as a human toilet. I guess there is something about my mouth, that makes a man want to shit on me, piss on me or just use me as a cum dumpster fuck slave. Not that I mind, I just cannot figure out what the gravitation to me is about. I have always been a little slut since I was younger. I have always been a favorite amongst the men in my trailer park and when I started working at the truck stop I really started getting noticed and making extra money on the side. I guess I am just a nasty freak who has no limits and loves to please a man by letting him do anything he wants to me and by being his private little whore toilet and fuck slave that will obey every demand that is made without a problem, because deep down I really love it.


Toilet sex

Whiny crybaby hoes

I grew up as a fuck slave, daddy and mommy whored my pussy and asshole out like I was a hotel. I was used, fucked, stuck, slapped, gagged and so much more. I know the harsh realities of it. But you know what, I am not whining or being a little sissy bitch about it either. I grew to like it. I love getting my fill and being put in my place, being used as a human toilet, having my pussy and asshole pounded and used as a cum dumpster. So when I see these cry babies who cannot keep their whiny ass mouths closed about how much their asshole hurts or about how men treat them so bad, I want to tell them to shut the fuck up and use what you got. Your pussy, titties, asshole and mouth. If you make the men happy, they give you the money to keep you happy. Little whiny crybaby hoes. Grow up!


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