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Force me to drink your cum.

druggy phone sexBeing used as a human cum dumpster has always come natural to me. Like a druggy phone sex whore, I used my pussy from a young age to get whatever I wanted. Most of the time boys gave me more than I wanted though. A few drinks or lines and I was theirs. I ended up passed around like a joint, as they took turns forcing loads of cum down my throat. Once I ended up at this rich guy’s party, all restrained, still just a girl. His BDSM friends clamped my nipples and shoved an electric prod up my cunt. They didn’t want to touch trailer trash like me. They all had trophy wives waiting at home. They just wanted to cause me intense pain as they all jerked off on me. The scary part was that I liked it. My pussy was dripping wet after they let me go. i began to crave being forced into anal gang bangs or bukkake sessions. Having guys line up with throbbing shafts and full balls turned me on. I let them “get me drunk” or high and pretend that I didn’t want to cooperate. making them force me to do something that i really loved was such a turn on. Please make make me beg for mercy as you force me to do shameless things that I really love.

cum guzzling slut

One more shot, por favor.

My pussy turned to jello as I slammed another shot of Jose Cuervo with the sexy stranger. I knew he was trying to get me drunk. He had already whispered in my ear the things that he would do with his fat cock when he got me to the car.  I’d been hanging out in a Mexican bar all afternoon,flirting with the sexy Latin men. I didn’t need to know Spanish to see what they had in mind for me. Drunk phone sexI stumbled to the car as several men followed me. It was about to become a gang bang, for sure. I dropped my panties beside the car. I was a total drunken slut as I squatted right there to take a piss. One of them yanked me to my feet and I felt his bulging cock push up into me as the pee flowed down his cock. These were some nasty, toilet loving fuckers and I was glad to give them a show. I dropped to my knees and began to suck the piss and cum off his cock. It inflamed the others and they crowded around me jerking their dicks. “Show us your asshole, baby.” They chanted. I bent right over and spread my cheeks. The fat one grabbed my hips and rammed his stiff enchilada deep into my clenched asshole. He fucked me hard and fast, pulling his shit covered meatstick out to blow a dirty load on my face. I licked it greedily as the others blew cum all over my drunken naked body. 

You’re just like me.

It was a slow burn as we eyed each other up. We locked eyes while looking at the same thing. She was so petite and so pretty, her long dark hair falling to her waist, just touching her sweet round ass. Her dark eyes shone as she played with her puppy. You could see the beginning of breasts through her cotton shirt. Her tiny toes were painted hot pink. I found myself wondering what color her pussy was with her dark skin. Probably a nice shade of rose, all smooth and soft. I ached as I thought about the way she would taste. I looked up and locked eyes with you. We knew right away that we were the same kind. I saw the way you lusted after her, trying not to show the way your cock was rising in your jeans. No one around you knew the truth, except me. I walked your way with a smile. A little roleplay would get us through. Me pretending to be the little girlie of your fantasies, asking Big Daddy to fuck me harder. Maybe later we could sample the real thing together. Are you ready to play, Daddy. I’m all yours tonight.

extreme phone sex

Drunken family Fun Time

drunk phone sexThanksgiving was a blast at my place this year. We had so much food and so much alcohol. My young niece, Ashley, was there. She is usually a quiet shy girl who barely says a word. This year she had really blossomed. She whispered into my ear, asking if she could drink some wine with the grown ups. I grinned to myself as I discreetly poured a large portion into her soda bottle. I swear the bitch must’ve chugged the wine because she was drunk. Not just tipsy. Drunk and loud. I escorted her quickly to my bedroom before her parents realized what was going on. She was a different person. She told me how much she loved me and squeezed my tits. It felt so good that I got all excited and returned her touches. Her pussy was so beautiful and her perky tits had large hard nipples. Pretty soon, she became my Thanksgiving dinner. I gobbled her sweet little pussy like a starving slut. Her little cries must’ve been loud. I looked up and my brother, her daddy, was standing there with a huge grin on his face. I can’t wait to share the rest of that story. It was definitely a whipped cream with a cherry on top ending.

My Uncle Jimmy

no taboo phone sexI’m so excited about Thanksgiving this year. My Uncle Jimmy is coming to have dinner with us. I haven’t seen my favorite uncle in years. My hand slides down between my legs as I reminisce about my youth. I was so young and still a virgin when Uncle Jimmy came to stay with us. He would bounce me on his knee and tickle me. But soon, the fun got a little carried away. He would slide his finger under my little cotton panties and stroke my bald pussy. I guess I was already a little slut because I liked it. I wanted him to rub me all over and make me touch his boy parts. The first time I tasted cum, I was hooked. I would do anything to get some of that fuck sauce. At night, I’d rub my little pussy and think about other men. I wondered if they had big cocks or if they moaned when they touched my forbidden young body. Would you like to come be my Uncle Jimmy and act out my old memories? I can still be a very good little girl who does as she’s told.

Piss On You

pissing phone sexEver been fucked so hard that you pissed yourself? Well, I did last night and it sure turned my guy on. He said he’d never felt anything so amazing as my hot piss drowning his cock. He wanted to suck it out of my pussy. I never heard of anyone getting so excited about pee. I mean, we were talking about hot bald pussy. I can’t quit thinking about young girls getting fucked by big fat swollen cocks, making them scream and beg. He’s a little pervy like me, sharing with me all of his fantasies of fucking his cousins and daughter. I don’t want to share all of the details that got me so excited, but it was so taboo and so morbid that my pussy couldn’t handle it. I began to shake all over as orgasm hit me. I’m a screamer. You should hear me. Then, wow, I just started squirting piss all over him. But it sure didn’t cool his burning cock. He fucked me harder, calling out his daughter’s name as he gushed a great creamy load into my eager pussy. If you like the wilder things in life, I might just piss myself for you, too.


My new accomplice

taboo phonesexI took a tour of our new local school today and I almost creamed in my panties. I was surrounded by some of the sexiest little cookies I’d ever seen. These were nothing like the classmates we had in school. These girls had on skin tight jeans, clinging to sweet asses. Crop tops with no bras, that revealed puffy little nipples. It was a P-Mommy’s buffet. I sat on a bench in front of the school just checking out the view. I could feel my pussy tensing with frustration. How could I possibly get some of this without being obvious? I looked across the road and saw a man sitting there. He was practically drooling on himself, checking out the fresh produce. His hand was in his pocket and I realized what was going on. He was jerking off under his coat. I was intrigued. One of my own kind!!! I discreetly took a few pics of him then sauntered over to him and sat down. “Nice view,huh?” He was startled and looked at me cautiously. I moved over against him and slid my hand under his coat. His big cock was raging and he was breathing heavy. Why don’t you help me? I know what you need. I pointed out a few tender morsels as he gasped and pumped a hot load into my fist. I think I found an accomplice. One who knows our dark desires. Care to share your story with us?

Blackmail or Blue Balls?

live phone sexThere’s no trash like white trash. Especially when she has a wet pussy and a craving for young cock and pussy. Mommy knows exactly what daddy needs. It’s all about the money though. I’ll let you do those wicked things you’ve always wanted to do, but it comes with a price. I won’t tell you this in advance, but every single taboo touch is being recorded and my plan is to threaten to tell your wife if you don’t pay me well. Wouldn’t she be shocked to find that her faithful, loving husband has a secret craving for tender, young boys or smooth, bald pussy. You’ll do anything to get it. Will you give more to keep on getting it? I think I know the answer, but I want to hear you admit it out loud. Very loud, as your cock squirts helplessly.

Mommy’s New Gig

taboo phonesexI just found the perfect gig to get me more business. After school tutoring and care. The kind where the school sends the older brats to me so I can keep them until mommy or daddy comes for their precious cargo. I throw them some PBJ sandwiches, turn on the TV, and boom, easy money. But that didn’t satisfy me. I’m a greedy pervy whore. All I can think about is all of that useless flesh sitting there and waiting when I have so much for them to learn. I began by putting them in study groups. It was like an experiment and they were my little guinea pigs. I used money and blackmail to get what I wanted from them. They were trapped. I had them on video showing me those little pussies and dicks. They had no choice but to cooperate. We wouldn’t want Daddy to see those, would we?

Yep, it’s a great business. I’m having an Open House tomorrow. I’m giving out free samples. Sweet little cupcakes with gooey filling and a cherry on top. Cocktail weenies and d’oeuvres. They’ll melt on your tongue. Would you care to stop by and taste my fresh goods?

New cock in the hood

Strolling through the trailer park today, I felt my taboo phone sex clitty start to throb. I noticed that new tenants were moving in. Young men with a nice Ford Pick-up. I sauntered over to them, tits on display.  Men are so easy. I could tell from the grin on his face and the bulge in his jeans that he could be mine. I felt my panties get a little moist as an evil grin made me lick my lips.

It was time we got a little fresh meat in the trailerhood. My girls are needing some training. Old drunks and wrinkled old dicks were easy money but what I wanted to see was hard young meat. He would look delicious going down on my girls, teaching them to be little whores like Mommy. I may be redneck trash but I’m proud of it.

Come see me and let’s discuss those wicked roleplays that leave you shuddering, cock in hand. Me and my angels are just waiting for a big load of cum all over our faces. I’d love to tell you all about them. Little redneck sweeties who would love to suck on that big purple cock.  Fresh fruit ready for the picking.

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