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I want the biggest cocks for my ass!

anal cum dumpsterWhen I want a good ass fucking I want those cocks to be big and thick and almost too much to take… so naturally they have to be black cocks. I am never disappointed with a big fat black dick, they always stretch me out and leave me gaped wide open and that is just too fucking hot! Last night I had several cocks all at once. They filled me up so good that I was literally screaming with joy and begging for more! All those giant black cocks in me was bliss but I couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for my pitiful boyfriend waiting at home for me. He was going to fuck me with his tiny peepee right after I got all filled with load after load of cum. I won’t even feel his little cock but he will love it!

Gather round for gangbang sex stories

gangbang sex storiesIt’s story time here in slutland so gather round for some gangbang sex stories! Today I’m going to tell you all a little tale of a whore named Donna, she was the biggest slut in the world and nothing could stop her from getting all the dick she craved. Well, some jealous old harpies didn’t like poor little slut Donna, they were mad that she kept taking their men so they hatched a plan to destroy her once and for all. They called all the men they could find and gave them one task, to fuck poor little slut Donna until she would never want to fuck again! The men were very eager, they had all seen Donna’s pretty pussy, lush ass and perky titties, and they wanted her bad! Well Donna walked right into their trap and soon had every fuckholes stuffed with cock, and the jealous old harpies thought for sure that she would soon be tired of cock forever. But that just didn’t happen! The more men that fucked her, the more dick she craved! Soon most of the town had fucked Donna but still she wanted more! There was just no satisfying Donna’s cravings for cock no matter how many men she fucked so those old harpies just had to go away disappointed in the end.

I’ve been a big dick sucker for years!

big dick suckerI’ve been a big dick sucker for years and years, I’m kind of addicted to it… especially when I am drunk as fuck. Last night I was super wasted and I started getting that craving, I needed a dick to suck so bad but I couldn’t find anyone that would let me. I was getting really bummed out when I realized that all I had to do was go down to the corner where all he hookers hang out and I’d find a dick to suck in no time and I’d get paid to do it too! Can’t go wrong there right? So I went out to the corner all wasted and shit and within five minutes had a dude asking me if I was a working girl. I was like fuck yeah I am! Hopped right in his car and had his cock out before we even pulled away from the curb! I wasn’t even gonna charge him for it either but he threw a couple twenties at me so I took em and went on my way.

God I am such a slut

live phone sexI met up with a total stranger last night and fucked him not even 5 minutes after we met. How could I resist? He was a tall well built black guy and I just knew he would have a giant cock and I wanted it bad! The only thing was that he only wanted to fuck my ass… well was I totally down with that! I guess he was thinking I’d say no or something cus he look really surprised that I would want that monster cock in my ass but what can I say? I am a huge slut and I love ass fucking! I took that cock like a champ, even tho he was pounding my ass so hard it took my breath away. I was loving every single minute of it too, even after he came I kept right on bouncing on that dick it was amazing!

Trashy milf Donna, that’s me!

trashy milf Trashy milf Donna that’s me! I grew up in a trailer and I love to party and fuck and if that makes me a trashy bitch, well, then so be it! I know for sure that I am never gonna change, I am just having way too much fun the way I am. The guys sure do love me too, I was at my house just chillin in the back yard barely dressed when like four of my neighbors came over. They were offering me all kinds of party favors so you know I jumped all over that shit. I got high as fuck and took off what little I was wearing. They were like damn baby you so fine, so I was like if I’m so fine why you ain’t fuckin me yet??? That was all it took y’all, they was all over me like animals! They were stuffing their cocks in every fuck hole and I was loving it! I was so high that I let them do whatever they wanted… and when they invited more guys over to use me I was down with that too! What can I say? I’m one nasty slut!

He will never forget me

live phone sexSo, I fucked this new guy last night and I guarantee you that he will never ever forget me! He had all these nasty desires that he was afraid to share with me, he thought that I would be disgusted by them or even pissed off that he even brought it up but he couldn’t have been more wrong. I could see in his eyes that he wanted to get real freaky so I just took the lead and started begging him to piss all over me. He was shocked that I liked it and even more shocked when I begged for his shit too, he couldn’t believe his luck in finally finding a bitch as nasty as he was! Honestly, it was so hot to get this guy doing all the perverted things he had been fantasizing about for so long, it was like a dam had burst inside him, all those frustrations spilled out and he came harder than he ever had before! I bet he’ll be dreaming about our night together for the rest of his life.

It was so nasty but so fun!

live phone sexI was just hanging out with some friends when all the sudden things took a turn towards the nasty. This dude was real fucked up and he was trying to find the bathroom to take a piss but he was way too drunk to find his way there so he just started pissing right next to me! It was splashing all over me but instead of being disgusted by it, I was a little turned on. I just reached over and grabbed that cock and drank up all his piss. Well that caught everyone’s attention so they all gathered around me and used me as their toilet and it was hot as fuck! I was soaked in piss and horny as fuck so I just started stripping off my clothes and begging for cock. They fucked the shit out of me, all of them did. I am such a nasty girl!

What a wild night!

live phone sexLast night was such a wild night! It all started with me fucking this one guy on his couch. It was just the two of us and we were just kinda having your regular everyday kinda sex when his roommate walked in the door. The roommate was diggin me I could tell but my guy was acting all jealous and insecure. I just told him to chill out, that I loved being fucked by multiple men so he may as well suck it up and let his friend join in. That was all the guy needed to get in there, he pulled out this massive cock and shoved it balls deep up my ass! And of course, as soon as I had two guys balls deep in my fuck holes another guy walks in. Well he was horny too, what was I supposed to do, tell him no?? I just called him over and started sucking his dick. I ended up fucking like six dudes that night it was so much fun!

I’m a big dick sucker every day!

big dick suckerI’m a big dick sucker every day… or at least, I try to be anyway. Seriously tho, my day is always much better if I get the chance to play with a big fat dick or two, I’m the kind of whore that really needs it yanno? Anyway, I met up with a random dude yesterday, he was black so I just knew he would have a giant dick for me and boy was I not wrong at all! He pulled that monster out of his pants and I swear I was gonna lose it! My pussy was soaking wet just looking at it and I wanted to suck it so bad I was practically drooling. It was a struggle to deepthroat that badboy but I took as much as I could and just worked it. Then he bent me over and shoved that monster dick up in me balls deep and all I could do was scream! It stuffed me so full but I loved it!

My night out was wild!

live phone sexI went out last night thinking that I was just going to have a simple evening. It was supposed to be just a dinner out with a friend and maybe a little sex after, just a regular night you know? But it ended up kind of crazy instead! Instead of a restaurant, he took me out on this big ass boat, I thought we were alone except for the staff but after we had dinner he led me downstairs where there were probably twenty guys waiting! I didn’t even know what to say! I was excited and happy and so fucking horny all at once, I swear I thought for sure that I would explode! I just started stripping off my clothes and telling them to come and get it and none of them hesitated at all. They pulled out those hard cocks in within seconds I was stuffed full, every fuck hole had a cock in it and there were still more waiting for their turn too! Honestly, it was a much better night than I thought I was going to have even if it ended with me sore as fuck!

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