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Sometimes I am such a slut!

live phone sexSometimes I am such a slut! Seriously, I regularly surprise myself with how low I will go just for dick. It’s not my fault tho, the pussy wants what the pussy wants! I’m gonna get mine even if it means fucking some other bitch’s man. The girl next door to me is all pissed now cus I took her man… well I didn’t really take him more like fucked the shit outta him… but whatever you wanna call it she’s all pissed. How is it my fault that she couldn’t satisfy her man? I can’t help that I’m good at sucking dick and that it blew her man’s mind that I let him nut in my mouth and swallowed every drop. Shit, it’s not my fault she won’t let him fuck her ass like I did, he fucking loved pounding this tight little asshole! If she ain’t gonna satisfy her man, I guess I will cus his cock is too big to waste!

Cum dumpster Donna, that’s me!

cum dumpsterCum dumpster Donna that’s what they call me and you know what? I fucking love it! I am a cum eating little whore and I am never gonna change! Why should I? It’s way more fun to be a slut! Shit, just last night I got high as fuck and went out lookin for some dick… it totally didn’t take long to find some too. Shit before I even really knew what was going on, I had several guys all around me wanting their dicks sucked! So I sucked those big ass cocks right there on the street, whatever man I have no shame at all! I swallowed every fucking load too, even fucked a couple of them! Best night ever as far as I am concerned, shit I’m gonna go out tonight and do it all again!

Wanna hear some gangbang sex stories?

gangbang sex storiesYou wanna hear some gangbang sex stories? Cus boy do I ever have some doozies for you! See, this past weekend I was a very busy girl, I had several different parties to go to and I was so fucking wasted that I fucked more guys than I can even count! I was pretty much naked, they just passed me all around to all these different men at all these different places, I was walking down the street in nothing but a ripped up bra at one point! Whatever tho, I don’t give a fuck, I love being a nasty whore and I am never going to change! Why should I? Men love a good little whore like me… and trust me, that shit is never gonna change!

Let me be your whore

live phone sexI want to be your whore, just the filthiest, nastiest little dick sucking slut you have ever seen! When you just walk up to me and shove your cock down my throat like that it just made me so fucking wet! I love to be used like that, you didn’t ask for shit you just took it! That’s what I adore about you honey, you use me like a filthy little fucktoy every single day. When you told your friends they could fuck me too I almost came in my pants! Most guys don’t have the balls to just offer up their girl’s pussy like that but you do and that’s why you are my favorite! I can’t wait to see what you do to me tonight, I hope there are even more men for me!

A whore’s gotta do what a whore’s gotta do

phone sex slutsI was stuck in a strange place last night, I had gone to meet some friends at a party but I guess I got lost cus I ended up at a party where I didn’t know anyone. I was a little drunk so I really didn’t even know where I was or how I would get home, I didn’t even have my phone so no one could get a hold of me anyway I had to depend on the strangers I was with. Luckily, there were a ton of guys there willing to help a bitch out and all I had to do was suck their cocks. Well, a whore’s gotta do what a whore’s gotta do so I sank right down to my knees and started sucking dicks. I was a little overwhelmed cus there were so many of them but I’m always up for a challenge! I swallowed more cumloads than I could count but they stayed true to their word and got my drunk ass home safely so it was all worth it!

This trashy milf fucked him hard!

trashy milfMy friend has been having issues with her husband so I went over to help her set him straight. He was a being total dick to her for like a whole week so we decided to give him some dick so he could see what an ass he was being. We got him drunk and suggested a threesome and of course he was down for that shit… until we brought out the strap on dicks, then he was all what the fuck are those for?? Hahaha he was too drunk to fight us off so he ended up with a rubber dick shoved down his throat and another up his ass, we double teamed that asshole till he was begging for mercy! He claimed that it hurt and he didn’t like it… but he came so hard he damn near exploded so pretty sure he loved it no matter what he says. Plus he promised to be nicer too… but if he ends up being a dick again, we’ll make sure he gets the bigger strap on dicks next time!

I’ll be your anal cum dumpster any day!

anal cum dumpsterLook facts are facts right? The fact is that I am one nasty fucking crack whore that loves to be an anal cum dumpster for just about anyone with a few bucks to pay me! I’ll fuck anyone, seriously I have fucked all kinds of men, everything from some old ass married dudes that could barely get it up to some gangbanging thugs… trust me I am in no way picky. That’s why I didn’t hesitate when this big fat man asked me how much I just told him my price and got in his car. He was a monster, big and fat and sweating like a pig but he had lots of money so I didn’t give a fuck! I did everything he asked… I even licked that sweaty asshole of his all nice and clean, but what he wanted most was to fuck my tight asshole. He was so fat that it was hard to get his cock in me at first but he wasn’t small at all so that big dick filled my asshole up all the way! He was rough as fuck but I was too fucked up to care… honestly I hope I get to fuck that fat motherfucker again soon, he pays real good!

I am such a nasty lil whore!

live phone sexGod I am such a nasty whore, sometimes I even surprise myself! Last night I went to the store, I just needed to pick up some milk but I ended up getting a whole lotta dick instead! See, there were several guys hanging around the store, I didn’t even pay any attention to them when I went in but I guess they sure noticed me cus they followed me inside. They surrounded me over by the milk case, I think they thought I would be scared but I was just excited! They were hittin on me and I was flirting right back, I even asked them if they wanted their dicks sucked! Of course they said yeah so I dropped to my knees right there in the store and sucked all their dicks! Then I took them back to my place andfucked them all night long.

I’m a white trash phone sex whore!

white trash phone sexI am a white trash phone sex whore and you know what? I fucking love it! Seriously, guys tell me so many filthy stories and it gets me so fucking hot that I have to try em out in real life! Yesterday I had one of those calls, he told me that he wanted me naked, on my knees, surrounded by cocks. Well right away I was interested in that!  I assumed he was talking about a regular gangbang but when he said he wanted them to piss all over me, totally soak me in piss, my pussy started dripping! I knew then that I had to do that for real so I called a friend of mine and told him to bring a bunch of his friends over right away! I was naked, surrounded by all these massive cocks and when they started to piss on me I was so turned on I was about to cum! I tried to drink it all and suck their cocks all at the same time… by the end I was begging them to fuck me! Now I can’t wait for the next call, I wonder if it will be as hot as the last one!

I was so high I couldn’t help it!

live phone sexI woke up this morning completely naked under a bush in my front yard with very little memory of what happened the night before. It all came flooding back to me once I staggered my way inside the house tho, there were men sleeping seemingly everywhere! I remembered that I went by my dealer’s place last night and invited some people back to party with me but I don’t remember inviting so many! I had to wake them up and ask what happened and they told me that I was outside all night fucking every random dude that walked by! OMG I am such a slut when I’m high! I guess I partied with all these guys and fucked every single one of them, they even had pics and tapes of it! I don’t know whether I should be ashamed of myself or proud!

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