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We got so nasty!

live phone sexWe got so nasty last night! I couldn’t help it tho, I was drunk as hell and there were sooooo many men! How was I supposed to resist them all? I did what any whore would do, I jumped in the middle of all of them and told them that I wanted all their cocks! Well they sure didn’t disappoint, they fucked every hole and then some, they pissed on me and fucked me and came all over the place and no matter how filthy I got I just kept on cumming over and over cus I fucking love being a nasty whore! I was handling every cock in the room and I couldn’t have been happier about it… even if some of their girls were pissed. But really it’s not my fault that you can’t keep your man satisfied!

I like it nasty

live phone sexThe thing about me is that I need it nasty, I can’t settle for plain old boring vanilla sex! I need many men, lots of cum and even your piss and shit. I need it rough and deep and even painful or I just can’t get off! I’m always the center of attention of every party I go to cus I’m the drunk bitch on her knees sucking every cock I see, and you know what? The guys all love me! Girls don’t like me as much but fuck those hos if they were satisfying their men they wouldn’t need me! Honestly they could learn a thing or two from me but they won’t prudes never do. Oh well I don’t care, I’ll be over here sucking their men’s cocks!

I might be trashy but I’m fun!

white trash phone sexI might be a trashy bitch but I sure am fun! Just ask my new neighbors, they had all these guys over there helping them move in and watching all those big strong men moving all those heavy things got me so fucking wet that I just had to meet them! I got dressed up all skanky and went over to see if I could help them with anything and one guy said yeah you could suck our dicks, but he said it in a jokey kinda way. Well joke or no joke I just sank down to my knees and opened my mouth and said who’s first? Seeing that I was serious, they started pulling their cocks out and lining up to get a turn! It was hot as fuck, I sucked all their dicks and swallowed all that cum and even got their numbers too!

Bbc sex stories are so hot!

bbc sex storiesBbc sex stories are always hot don’t you think? I know that I can’t get enough big black cocks, they are so much better than any other kind so I am totally addicted now! Last night I went to the ghetto in search of more big black cocks and I found almost more than I could handle! There was a group of thuggish looking men standing on the corner and they all looked like they had a giant dick swinging between their legs so I just walked right up to them and asked if they needed their dicks sucked. Well, they started laughing and carrying on, calling me a ho and all that… well I just stood there and waited for them to finish. They were like oh shit she serious so finally they let me suck those big dicks of theirs! I was surrounded by them, right there on the street! I sucked every single one of their dicks and swallowed all that cum… next time I’m gonna make sure I get fucked too!

He got me for cheap

live phone sexI was so bored yesterday, there was nothing to do and I couldn’t get high cus I was beyond broke so I just got dressed up real sexy and went looking for trouble. I didn’t have to go far to find it either, I was just up the street from my house when I saw one of my dealers walking towards me. I asked him if he wanted to do a little trade and he was down so I went with him back to his lace. All I really wanted was the drugs so I told him I would do whatever he wanted for real cheap if he just got me fucked up first so he put out a couple lines and shoved his cock up my ass while I was doin em! I stayed fucked up all day long and I did whatever degrading thing he asked me to do, it was hot as fuck!

I hope you like pissing sex stories!

pissing sex storiesI hope you like pissing sex stories cus boy do I have a hot one for you! I went to my friend John’s house yesterday for what I thought was just gonna be a quiet night in, you know, just the two of us. Instead there were several guys there when I walked in and they were all drunk and ready to fuck… Did I mention the fact that I was the only girl there? Yeah, I’m a slut and all but I like a little notice when there’s a lotta guys for me to fuck! I decided to make them work for it… I told them all to lay on their backs on the floor and started pissing on all the faces one by one. If they wanted to use me, I was gonna use them first! None of them gave a fuck, they were so drunk that all they could see was pussy so once they licked up all my piss I gave in and let them all fuck me too!

Sometimes I am such a slut!

live phone sexSometimes I am such a slut! Seriously, I regularly surprise myself with how low I will go just for dick. It’s not my fault tho, the pussy wants what the pussy wants! I’m gonna get mine even if it means fucking some other bitch’s man. The girl next door to me is all pissed now cus I took her man… well I didn’t really take him more like fucked the shit outta him… but whatever you wanna call it she’s all pissed. How is it my fault that she couldn’t satisfy her man? I can’t help that I’m good at sucking dick and that it blew her man’s mind that I let him nut in my mouth and swallowed every drop. Shit, it’s not my fault she won’t let him fuck her ass like I did, he fucking loved pounding this tight little asshole! If she ain’t gonna satisfy her man, I guess I will cus his cock is too big to waste!

Cum dumpster Donna, that’s me!

cum dumpsterCum dumpster Donna that’s what they call me and you know what? I fucking love it! I am a cum eating little whore and I am never gonna change! Why should I? It’s way more fun to be a slut! Shit, just last night I got high as fuck and went out lookin for some dick… it totally didn’t take long to find some too. Shit before I even really knew what was going on, I had several guys all around me wanting their dicks sucked! So I sucked those big ass cocks right there on the street, whatever man I have no shame at all! I swallowed every fucking load too, even fucked a couple of them! Best night ever as far as I am concerned, shit I’m gonna go out tonight and do it all again!

Wanna hear some gangbang sex stories?

gangbang sex storiesYou wanna hear some gangbang sex stories? Cus boy do I ever have some doozies for you! See, this past weekend I was a very busy girl, I had several different parties to go to and I was so fucking wasted that I fucked more guys than I can even count! I was pretty much naked, they just passed me all around to all these different men at all these different places, I was walking down the street in nothing but a ripped up bra at one point! Whatever tho, I don’t give a fuck, I love being a nasty whore and I am never going to change! Why should I? Men love a good little whore like me… and trust me, that shit is never gonna change!

Let me be your whore

live phone sexI want to be your whore, just the filthiest, nastiest little dick sucking slut you have ever seen! When you just walk up to me and shove your cock down my throat like that it just made me so fucking wet! I love to be used like that, you didn’t ask for shit you just took it! That’s what I adore about you honey, you use me like a filthy little fucktoy every single day. When you told your friends they could fuck me too I almost came in my pants! Most guys don’t have the balls to just offer up their girl’s pussy like that but you do and that’s why you are my favorite! I can’t wait to see what you do to me tonight, I hope there are even more men for me!

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