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I love it nasty!

live phone sexI love it nasty, like real nasty, way nastier than most girls! That’s why I was so excited to go to this party last night, I knew that there weren’t gonna be many girls there so I could suck and fuck whoever I wanted. I dressed up real slutty and walked in there and was instantly the center of attention cus I was the only chick to show up! Can you believe that shit? I was on my knees in like five minutes sucking dick and had a line of men waiting their turns too. I told them to come on over and fuck whatever hole they wanted, I wanted a gangbang and I was gonna get one! They all fucked me, I had cocks in every hole and all I could do was beg for more, more, more! It was the best night ever!

They thought I didn’t want it, but I did

gangbang whoreI was out walking all by myself late last night cus my car ran out of gas. I thought that I could just walk to a gas station real quick but all the ones close by were closed so I ended up in a kind of a rough area. I was a little nervous but not scared… until I saw a big group of guys all coming towards me. They started talking about how sexy I was, and all the filthy things they wanted to do to me, I know I should have been scared but my panties were soaked and I was so horny I felt like I was gonna die! I didn’t want them to know that tho, they seemed to want me unwilling so I just played along and begged them to just leave me alone. They threw me in their car and took me back to some deserted house where they stripped me and tied me up, that’s when they noticed that my pussy was soaking wet. They called me a whore and started fucking me in all my fuck holes and all I could do was beg for more! I was cumming all over the place and I couldn’t stop… no matter how rough they were! I even gave them my address so they could come and fuck me anytime they wanted!

He wanted me so he got me!

live phone sexI ran into an old friend the other day and he was just blown away by how good I looked. I was so young the last time he had seen me, I hadn’t really filled out yet but now I have a perfect ass and pretty titties so he was just falling all over himself to ask me out. I thought it was cute so I asked him if he’d like to come back to my place and have a little fun… and of course he accepted real quick. Once we were there I pulled out his nice big cock and sucked it deep down my throat, he was so turned on that he was like a wild man! He was fucking my throat like a man possessed and all I could do was hang on tight! By the time he got to fucking my pussy I was dripping wet and oh so ready for it, I was a shameless slut just begging for him to make me cum. It was the hottest fuck I’ve had in a while, we will definitely have to do it again!

He gaped me wide open!

live phone sexI love being a slut, y’all know that and nothing makes me feel more like a slut than when my asshole is gaped wide open after a good ass fucking from a huge cock. Benny gave me that this morning, he fucked me so hard that I could barely sit down after! It was so spontaneous too, I was in the bathroom getting ready to shower when he just walked in behind me and pushed me down to my knees. He was horny and he needed to get off, he didn’t care that I was getting ready to do something, I was just the whore he needed to use. It was hot as fuck to be treated that way, I was dripping wet and begging for his cock like a shameless slut so he just shoved it in my ass and began to brutally fuck me hard! I swear I never came so hard in my life!

I like it nasty!

live phone sexI like it nasty, what can I say? Why should I settle for some boring ass vanilla sex when I could have something better? Why settle for one guy when I could fuck 20? Shit, I want all the dick I can get so sign me up for the gang bang every time! I want a cock in every fuck hole, I want to have cum dripping down my thighs and filling my belly, I want to be the dirty little fuck slut that you use over and over again! I swear I can never get enough either, I could fuck a bunch of guys one night and then wake up horny the next morning, I just can’t get tired of it! I want to fuck all day, every day, don’t you?

I gave him all of me

live phone sexI like to party, everyone knows that, but sometimes the party is hard to come by because I am broke as shit. Well today was one of those kind of days, I wanted to get fucked up but I had no money to party with and no way of getting any… in short I was screwed! Then I remembered my dealer had a little crush on me, every time I go over there he checks me out like he is desperate for it so I decided to hook him up. I told him that he could have me, all of me, in any way he wanted if only he would get me high and keep me high and he accepted real fucking quick! He gave me some dope and told me to strip so I gave him a real nice lap dance and then settled on my knees in front of him. I was totally naked and he was rock hard, when I slid that cock down my throat it was like I had made him go to heaven! He fucked me all day long, and kept me fucked up too, it was so good that I just might make this a regular thing!

I got one hell of a deal!

live phone sexI went out Christmas shopping yesterday and boy did I ever end up with a good deal! I was in a lingerie store looking at their holiday themed nighties when the salesman caught my eye. He was staring at me like he wanted to eat me alive so I asked him for help picking out the sluttiest things I could find and tried on every one of them where he could see me. He was trying to hide his erection and failing miserably so I just went for it, I pulled him into the dressing room and pulled that hard dick out of his pants. I sucked that cock until his legs were trembling and he was seconds away from cumming then I bent over and begged him to fuck me. He gave me just what I wanted and then when I thought it couldn’t get any better, he called in several of his coworkers to take a turn fucking me too! After I fucked them all they ended up giving me 90% off everything I bought, it was awesome!

We were hookers for hire!

hookers for hireMe and my friend got real fuckin wasted last night and decided to be hookers for hire! We needed more money to keep the party going so we just got dressed in these real slutty outfits and took a bunch of skanky pics and posted them online and within 10 minutes we had our first offer! This guy was old and his dick only half worked but he had money and party favors so who cares right? We sucked and fucked that half hard chub for a few hours just to stay fucked up! After he left tho, we got the best offer. This group of black guys wanted to make us their whores and they were bringing drugs and cash so we were all about it. They had us begging for mercy! Their cocks were huge and their drugs were the best, I was about to sign my life away to them if only they would keep handing em out! Honestly, it was the best night ever!

They were so big!

live phone sexI went out looking for dick last night and found almost more than I could handle! I was literally the only girl at the party and there were a lot of drunk and horny men looking for pussy, they were all looking at me and I started to get a little nervous. There were so many of them, I just didn’t see how I could possibly fuck them all but I sure wanted to try. I just started stripping and asked them all who wanted some… and they all said they did. I got on my knees and just started sucking cock like my life depended on it, they were all over me and I was loving it! They ripped my clothes open and I had cocks in every fuck hole, I was literally in heaven!

They used me and I loved it!

live phone sexI got all dressed up and went out on the prowl last night because I was horny as fuck and I needed it nasty! I stumbled upon a group of guys at this bar, they were playing pool and checking me out, I could tell they wanted me so I just went over there and asked if I could play too. I told them that if I won, they had to buy my drinks but if I lost I would fuck them all. Well guess who ended up losing??? Me of course! I lost on purpose because all I wanted were those big hard dicks! I let them fuck me right there on the pool table in front of everyone, one by one they fucked me, I felt like such a whore and I loved it!

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