You Can Dress A Stripper Up But She Is Still A Hoe

stripper sex storiesEvery so often I have wealthy clients that like me to attend outside functions with them. For a cost I will do just about anything. Anyways, he wanted me to help him host a small gathering of his colleagues and play the part of his partner. Sure, no worries, I like the dude and how hard can it really be. I arrived wearing a nice dress and helped him. I hadn’t seen him outside the club, and he was actually quite nice looking. I had fucked him sure, so I knew what he had beneath those khakis, but I kept it in check and continued on with the party. It was a success, and everyone left happy and none the wiser that I was in fact a paid stripper. I tried to be good, but I had had a few drinks and was feeling horny. As he walked back to the kitchen, I met him with my tits and juicy pussy fully exposed wanting his cock. He actually dropped the plates and headed right to me. He lifted me on the counter and started sucking on my tits as I hurriedly unbuckled his belt and grabbed his big cock. I laid back and he started sucking on my swollen clit making my quickly squirt in his face. Then he lifted me to the ground, bent me over the chair and pounded my pussy from behind. He was stroking so hard and his balls were rubbing against me that I came again. He filled my pussy with his warm creamy cum and then turned me around, pushed me to the floor and I blew him hard again. We fucked into the morning and I left with a big stack of cash and my holes full of his sperm. It was a hot night.

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