I had to pay my rent

live phone sexI was so behind on my rent and totally freaking out because I did not have enough money to pay it. I didn’t know what to do all I knew was that my landlord was coming over soon and I had nothing to give him. I figured it wouldn’t hurt if I dressed up real sexy for him, he’s an older guy that is always flirting with me so maybe he would give me a break if I showed a little skin. Well, when he showed up and saw me sitting there with some tiny shorts on and a sheer bralette he was awestruck. His cock started pushing out the front of his pants and I knew then that I had him. He asked for the money I owed him and I asked if we could work something else out, well he was thrilled with that idea for sure! He was on me like a flash and said that if I agreed to fuck him a few times a month that I could live there for free so I gave him a fuck he will never forget!

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