Wild Weekend Cum Fest!

Big Dick Sucker

I took too many drugs this weekend and ended up getting anally fisted in such a hot gangbang! I got a hotel room with a few girls from the club like we always do. The girls invited a few of their favorite clients who had huge cocks, they came in with lots of booze and drugs to share. We got to work immediately starting to suck them off, they were five well-endowed sexy men ready to serve us cock all night long. I was eating pussy and sucking dick until my jaw started to ache, I got railed in my ass pretty hard and one of the guys decided to double penetrate me, his cock felt great but my pussy was still not fully stretched. “gape my cunt!” I moaned, one of the other guys came over and started sliding fingers in and out of my already sloppy wet pussy, he slid his fist inside me and my eyes rolled back. The cock in my ass felt me tense up and start squirting all over the other guys fist, he pounded me harder and harder until finally I got a thick serving of cum shot strait up my asshole. I leaked all over and made a wet mess of the bed, the girls were impressed with how wild I got.

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