Whoring With My Teen Daughter

Dirty Phone Sex

My teen daughter is almost as sexy of a slut as I am. It brings me so much pleasure to see her get used. I took her with me last night and had her get on all fours in the middle of a restaurant and walk like a dog when she told me she had to use the bathroom. Everyone stared, since her micro skirt flipped up and she wasn’t wearing any panties. They got to see her perfect little ass, but the curving slit was gleaming soaking wet and it was starting to turn me on. As we marched down the aisle several men reached out to pinch and roll her young nipples and slap her chubby little ass. She was whining and flushed red from humiliation, but she didn’t know anything yet. I didn’t walk my young daughter to the restroom at all. I walked her outside so she could piss in the grass like a bitch,

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