White Trash Ass

white trash phone sex

White trash phone sex happens to be my forte’, but that doesn’t stop me from seducing Co-eds and Jocks on occasion.  Sometimes when I’m bored and hooking is slow during the winter and men aren’t as willing to throw dollars at a stripper’s ass and pussy, I substitute for the local high-school. I’m basically a baby sister for hormone engorged cocks, I also get a chance to check out the young talent with these slutty young Girls. I’m a favorite around these halls for the boys and girls. I give lessons in cock sucking in the boys bathroom and anal exploration and demonstrations in the library for some after hours tutoring! Now you would be surprised how many volunteers that were eager to be the first to get her ass fucked by a first timer anal investigator! It’s my time to teach theses teen fuckers how fun and pleasurable anal sex is. I must say these young whores and studs learning about backdoor play gets my slutty cunt off!  Do you want to become my anal sex bandit on my sexline?

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