Whiskey dreams

drunk girl fucking

Went out last night and downed a bottle of whiskey and it resulted in drunk girl fucking instead of white girl wasted. I asked every guy that I passed on my way home if he was interested in having a good time. I got more than a few happy affirmative responses. I stumbled my way back to my house with a line of guys following all wanting a chance to hit this pussy. As I got to the front door I grabbed the first guy in line by his junk and pulled him in for a wet, sloppy kiss. We made it into my house and he pushed me over the arm of my couch and sank balls deep. The next guy in line had followed us in and fed me his trouser snake while awaiting his turn. I sucked and swallowed his length until the first guy had cum in my twat. It was a constant turn around of one in either my ass or cunt while another was feeding me his cock. It was a great night of fucking and sucking. I came a few times but I was more enjoying the feeling of being used as a fuck puppet for these men. I woke up with a sore jaw and will be drinking my meals through a straw for a few days but I cannot wait for Friday night follies again!

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