What is your fetish?

Sexy prostitutes

Seriously…I think to be one of the top sexy prostitutes that makes big bucks is being friendly, out-going and will to please your john any way he would like. I have a regular that really likes foot jobs to get him close to cumming. It makes him shoot his load crazy hard. The first few times I met up with him he never told me about his foot fetish. It seemed like he thought it was the worst fetish in the world. When he finally told me I was so excited. I was telling him that finally I know how to get him off like he needs!
I make it up to his room and he greets me with a big smile and his hard cock in his hand. As soon as I was in the door I flopped on the bed and took my shoes off and told him to bring that nice cock to me. He loves foot jobs to get him going. Now what is so terrible about that!? I put some coconut oil all over my feet and get them nice and lubed up and get my clothes off because I know he is going to want to fuck my brains out when I get him going with my foot job. I wrap my feet around his cock and go to town, getting that cock nice and hard. And just like I suspected, he fucked my brains out right after.

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