Welcome to the Truck Stop That Serves Hot Carls and Turkish Snowcones

cum dumpsterMy little human toilet came into the truck stop today. He is such a filthy disgusting pervert. The first thing I did was take him into the bathroom so that I could drop a steaming hot Carl into his mouth. Once he finished eating my steaming hot shit. I made him get down on his hands and knees. I put on my 9-inch strap on and started fucking his perverted little ass. I reached around and started jacking his big hard cock while I was still ramming my strap on in his tight ass. When I could tell he was going to come I put my hand down over the head of his cock so I could catch all of his cum in my hand. I pulled out the strap on and smeared it above his upper lip making him my dirty Sanchez. I took my hand full of cum and bubbled it up with my fist and feed him a Turkish snowcone. I left him licking the bathroom floors clean. I washed up and went back to work.

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