Fill Up My Tight Cunt

Cum Filled CuntI’ve been sitting alone all day long thinking about your great big cock giving me a cum filled cunt. I have tried everything to get you off of my mind. Fingering myself, smoking dope, using my vibrator, and popping benzos with a shot of tequila. Nothing is getting you out of my head and into my snatch. When I texted you at lunchtime, you said you’d be home early. It’s getting late and you’re not here with me yet. I need your cum inside of me. I want to feel you filling me all the way up. Fuck me deep and give me every drop of that exquisite load. My cunt is absolutely aching for your enormous dick. I need to feel you pumping into me as hard as you can and exploding all over the inside of my tight little wet cunt. I want you to cum over and over so that I am completely full. When I’m lying there after you use me, I want to be able to feel it dripping down from my cunt to my asshole. When I get up to grab a drink, I want to feel your hot jizz running down my legs. And when I crawl back into bed next to you, I want you to do it all over again. But maybe this time, don’t stop at my pussy. Fill up every hole I have. My mouth is watering for a taste of you, and I need you to fuck that sexy ass of mine again anyways. Give it to me any way you can possibly think of. Use me tonight. I want you to make me your jizz whore and your cum guzzling slut. Dump load after load into every open orifice I have. Fill me up.

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