Welcome to the mile high club.

Cum guzzling slutYou are fucking me fast and hard, stretching me out as your massive cock moves in and out of my wet, tight hole. I have been teasing you the whole flight, and when I bent over, showing you I wasn’t wearing any panties, and you gripped my ass, I knew you were down; even though your wife is sleeping right next to you. My pussy is dripping wet and I knew I had to give it to you, besides you and both know this will be better than your wife could ever be! As soon as you open the bathroom door and slide in to the tight space you whip me around forcing against the wall. You force my legs apart and shove two fingers in my dripping wet cunt. I guess the bathroom wasn’t the only tight space you wanted to squeeze into! I moan and you grip my neck so hard I couldn’t make a sound. You then force your massive cock deep inside of me while making me lick and suck myself from your fingers. You pound my cute little pink hole so hard I could feel it start to swell. Force me to take every inch of your cock baby! I’m a whore who deserves to be fucked hard. Ruin my pussy baby, stretch me out and make me gapping! You thrust hard before pulling out and cumming all over my ass. You smack it so hard I know everyone heard out side before hissing in my ear “Welcome to the mile high club..” and walking out . Damn I am such a fucking whore!

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    • Dan on July 8, 2022 at 7:43 pm
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    Damn, baby, you one dirty whore.

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