Fuck Me-Get High

Druggy Porn Bobbie

I been partying all line doing lines off dicks and sucking boofs out of assholes. I forgot how big the last cock was or if I had two in my cunthole- but I knew I could feel the sticky seeds dripping own my leg. The last hotel I came out of I remember stumbling over toward the loveseat while trying to rub some blow against my inner pussy walls. I had a good bit mix in with the cum I was full of. You been begging me for a fix all night so I gave you two in one. Get on your fuckin knees and suck their cum out of my cunt. Once I feel satisfied I want you to spit onto your cock and stuff it inside my ass while the man behind you fills my cunt with his huge fat cock. I want you both to fuck me like the filthy drug-whore I am. Don’t pull your cock out until you feel me shit on your cock with those deep thrusts. Within moment I know you feel the euphoria kick in. Fucking just feels so much better when you get fucked up together!

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