We had no idea they were going to make us be sexy prostitutes!

Sexy Prostitutes

You don’t really enroll in college thinking that your Sorority Mother is going to turn you and your friends into sexy prostitutes. At least that’s not really what I had expected when I signed up to join the sorority house. Everyone had spoken so highly about it, it was really my goal since I was a freshman in high school. Everyone always said it could “really advance your career” to be a part of it. I think I’m beginning to understand now.

So you can imagine my surprise when they had us all come down in the sluttiest outfit we could find. We all thought it was for a surprise sorority party. I bet you can imagine the shocked look on our faces when we realized what was really happening. Walking down the stairs to see the Dean and all of his friends standing there with wads of cash in their hands. It was quite a shock.

Luckily I wasn’t chosen the first time by one of the super old guys, the dean actually picked me and my best friend, Rachel, to go upstairs with him.  It honestly wasn’t that bad, he had us both suck his cock together then fucked us separately one by one. Imagine my surprise when he asked me to be last. Then made me thoroughly lick her pussy from his cock! It made my pussy so freaking wet. I loved it so much!

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