Water Sports Sex

water sports sex My cunt is soaking wet and waiting for my nasty freak of a fuck buddy. His wife won’t do the things he loves to do. That is why he loves coming to see me so much. I love being his toilet whore. Warm, wet, flowing over my body as he stands over me holding his dick. As soon as the stream begins to flow from the tip of his cock my cunt get so fucking wet. Water sports sex makes my cum filled cunt fucking quiver with delight. The taste, the smell, the feel of hot, wet urine on my skin and I cum almost instantly.

Watching him under me as I squat over him to return the favor. His dick is dancing with delight and his eyes are twinkling. Using my kegal muscles I start and stop the stream, teasing him as I move along his body and up to his opened mouth filling it with golden goodness as he drinks every drop.

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