I’ll be your anal cum dumpster!

anal cum dumpsterWell, I really did it this time! I went on a binge, smoking crack all day long yesterday and when I ran out I just couldn’t take it! I had to get more and I was willing to do anything at all to get it! My dealer said he would hook me up as long as I did a few favors for his friends, I figured that meant that I would be sucking a few cocks but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I ended up being the anal cum dumpster for about twenty of his boys! They all wanted my ass and nothing else but since the drugs were flowing I didn’t give a fuck at all! I just smoked my shit and let them fuck my ass as hard as they wanted. To be honest, I can’t even sit down today but I am high as fuck so the sad state of my ass don’t mean shit to me. I’ll do anything if you get me high!

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