Wash My Panties With Your Mouth

Cum dumpsterI have a big ass load of dirty panty laundry and I need everything cleansed thoroughly! I’m not going to use a washing machine to clean them this time, instead I want you to use your wet tongue to scrape them clean of all of my pussy juices and bodily fluids! I know you go crazy whenever you taste me so this is the perfect task for you to do for me! Let me dump my entire laundry hamper of soiled, skimpy little panties in front of you and i’ll let you get to work! Some pairs are much dirtier than others, haha what can I say, i’m a filthy ass cum dumpster! i’m sure there is going to be lots of dried up and crusty cum stains smeared all over the crotch on a lot of my panties, i’ve always enjoyed the feeling of the g-string fabric sliding between my wet, tight pussy and ass crack after a big nut has been busted inside of me! You fucking love how delicious I taste and I know you’ll lick my naughty panties sparkling clean! When you’re done soaking them in your saliva, help to put them on to me so that I can wear them while they dry! Show me how well you can put that sexy mouth of yours to use, dirty boy!

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