Viva Colombia

druggy phone sex

Coke is fun and all, but visiting my family and friends in Medellin, Colombia (also known as the cocaine capital), I discovered something new! The pink powder substance was esthetically pleasing at first sight. At first, I thought it was makeup, candy, or even an art powder. To my dismay, it was going to be the best drug ever.

I went to a guaracha party, a word in Spanish that means a dance party, and the music was terrific. It put me in a trance, with a few lines of Tucibi 2C for short. My god, is it so popular in Colombia? I couldn’t believe I couldn’t find this in Miami thus far. It put me in such a good mood and made me want to fuck everyone. It was such a wild ride I can’t even talk about it in only one blog! Stay tuned to hear all about my fun and how 2c is becoming the hot topic in druggy phone sex for me. Viva Colombia, papa!🇨🇴

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