Valentine’s Day Prostitute

Prostitution pornProstitution porn turns on my freaky caller so much that he had to hire me to give him some nasty Valentine’s Day loving on the naughtiest day of the year. We’re going to meet up at the hotel and I told him to bring his stash of goodies so that we can get nice and fucked up while I give him everything that he wants. He brought me a cute little gift, some champagne and trashy lingerie to wear for him. He popped a few Viagara and I snorted a few lines of blow while guzzling the bubbly, I was feeling horny as fuck and ready to suck this bastard’s dick off! While I have his cock shoved down my throat he gets a grip of my hair and yanks my head back so that his balls are slapping against my chin, it hurts so good! As he spews out rude and degrading insults at me, I drink down his pre-cum and gasp for air from being skull-fucked so damn hard. I had tears streaming down my face but loved being used up as his filthy cum whore. My cunt was sloppy wet, he threw me on my back and thrusted his monster dick inside of me. I was yelping and moaning like a slutty bitch, he was really doing a number on my fuck holes. Those Viagaras really gave him a huge sexual boost because he was going rounds upon rounds of beating up my dirty twat and ass. I guess he can’t get enough of this freaky hoe! Happy fucking Valentine’s Day!

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