Using My Asshole For My Advantage

No taboo phone sex

 I am a whore and I love it. When my boyfriend’s mom said she didn’t like me I decided to fuck her husband, my boyfriend’s dad. I got really high and took a few shots before I went to his job looking like a total slut. When he saw me, I could tell he got hard. I explained to him that I wanted my boyfriend’s parents to like me. As I walked towards him, I told him I would do anything. I got to my knees and pulled his cock out and shoved it deep in my throat I knew his wife doesn’t do that. His cock was leaking already when he picked me up and bent me over his desk. I had no panties under my dress which made him laugh as he told me how he knows why his son likes me. He rubbed his hard leaking cock on my tight rosebud. I knew he was going to fuck my ass good; he doesn’t get to fuck often his wife is a boring bitch. He shoved his cock in my asshole and started pumping my ass back on him as I reached down to rub on his balls. He didn’t stop until I felt his balls tighten up and his cock empty deep in my asshole. He told me how he would make sure his wife would like me since I let him make me into his anal cum bucket. 

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