Used My Asshole To Get Out Of Trouble

I wanted to get some stuff from the corner store, but I didn’t want to use any of my money as usual. I got what I wanted and put it in my bag. But when I got to the door, the owner of the store forcefully kept asking me to put my bag on the counter.

Trailer trash whore

I know I am a trailer trash whore and that I can get myself out of anything by using my holes. I right away pulled my tits out and he knew what I meant. He locked the door and walked me behind the counter. He pulled his fat cock out and I sucked it hard and fast just trying to make him nut in my mouth fast. But he stopped me and bent me over the counter lifting my skirt up. I never wear panties, so it was easy for him to right away stick his cock in my asshole. I just stayed there letting him use my butt hole to jack his cock off when I saw he had a stack of money under the counter. I started bouncing my ass on his dick even faster, distracting him so I could take the money I saw and put it in my bag. I went faster and faster until I felt him tense up and his cock pumped his semen in my butt. I grabbed my bag and ran out, feeling his nut dripping out of me.


    • Fonz on July 10, 2022 at 10:40 am
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    With a stellar asshole like that, I believe it.

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