Used As An Anal Cum Dumpster

Anal Cum Dumpster

Who do you think you are, passing up using me like an anal cum dumpster? I bet you want to look all nice and proper for your prick friends, but what you don’t know is I spend my weekends getting gangbanged by your rich pretty boy friends. My asshole gets gaped regularly by three or more men who just want to use my tight anal fuck hole like their own personal pocket pussy. They just want to use my little Black Eyed Susan to jack themselves off inside of me. And then you know what? I get used as a cum dump receptacle.

My pussy is getting drippy from my ass getting stretched out and pounded so much! As soon as one hot piece of meat leaves me, another one lubes up and slides in to take his place and fill that hole left in me. During the week, I have to wear a thick, heavy butt plug. Otherwise, I feel so empty. One way or the other, my cunt is soaked. Do you still think you’re too good of a white collar Walter to fuck a white trashy milf druggy coke whore PMommy bitch like me?

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