Use me like a Fleshlight

Freaky phone sexI am nothing more than a walking freaky phone sex slut with a motherfuckin pulse. Daddy uses me like i’m his own personal Fleshlight, bouncing me up and down on his throbbing monster cock. My wet ass pussy is tight and tasty He spins me around on that dick and sucks on my fat titties. Daddy has a very special surprise for me today since i’ve been such a nasty fuckin whore. He blindfolded me and told me to open my mouth as wide as I possibly could. In he shoved a huge big black cock, it barely even fit! I was gagging like a damn cunt and trying to shove it all down my throat. Daddy knows how much I enjoy munching on chocolate meat. We’re both nasty as fuck and getting to play with BBC only makes me feel even filthier. He loves having a built-in sex toy.

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